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2018 Workshops

Saturdays from 10am to 4pm unless otherwise noted:

  • February 3rd at "the Dome" in Berkeley Springs, WV

  • March 31st in MD (location TBD)

  • May 19th in NoVA (location TBD)

  • July 21 in MD (location TBD)

  • Sept 15th in NoVA (location TBD)

  • November 17th at "the Dome" in Berkeley Springs, WV

  • Two virtual (Zoom) interactive webinars


I offer regular size-limited, in person workshops every year and virtual ones to meet increasing demand for them.  My focus in the workshops will be to deliver an experience of the process for every person attending that will have maximum value.  Bring any and all conflicts that you are in to the workshop.  The conflicts we address may be: 1) internal; 2) with another individual who attends with you (this can be most powerful); 3) with someone not at the workshop but whom you know; 4) with an individual, group, organization, political party, ethnic group, nation in the world.  

Confidentiality will be assumed in these workshops unless there is an issues of immediate safety that needs to be addressed.  Everyone attending will be agreeing to the Core Agreements listed earlier.

Note: Workshops are not designed to teach you how to lead the process with others.  If this is your goal, take the introductory workshop first, then plan for several months of personal coaching and practice.

You can check out my Facebook and Meetup pages or send me an email to indicate your preferences for workshop dates this year, without commitment.

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