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          “I was left with a sense of how effective this process could be for so many.” Fu Gen Tom Pitnar (Zen Priest) and Full Leader in ManKind Project

"Paul is one the most exceptional facilitators I know. He listens deeper than words being expressed. He is kind, gentle, challenging, accepting, and wise. Learning and experiencing the Core Values Negotiation method gave me a framework to understand life's inner and outer conflicts. I feel more equipped to face conflict in a calm and nonreactive way. I highly recommend learning about Core Values Negotiation if you want to gain tools to deepen and improve the quality of your relationships."


Bexia Shi, the Executive Assistant for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine,  I served on council for Capital Area Women -- Woman Within International.

I went to Paul seminar with my wife on the 19th, I paid for both of us. You know how cheap I am, but it was the best spent money in a very, very long time.  I want to thank …you on behalf of me and my wife. It was very helpful for both of us. 



Father, Husband, New Warrior, Entrepreneur, Czech “communism” survivor

"As a member of (Beloved Community) a Frederick group working to keep the spirit of Martin Luther King alive, we have been active throughout the year in creating a community of dialog between political conservatives and progressives.  This year I had the opportunity to work with Paul and found his system of identifying core values a remarkable foundation for listening, developing respect for people with different views, and building the foundation for authentic and practical conversations about matters of importance.  Although I have always considered myself good at conversation, I have learned much from Paul and his particular approach to listening, even to better understanding my own views.  I find myself simultaneously more grounded in my own core beliefs and able to understand and work with my progressive friends. I recommend Paul highly."


Pat Kelly, Republican activist, and member of Beloved Community

"I learned the Core Values Negotiation last year. It has helped me learn to facilitate without taking sides. And for conflicts that I am engaged in, it has helped me see the value of a differing belief. My relationship with my ex now comes from a place of strength, I can be present with her anger without retaliation or being wounded."   ~  Tim - Recently separated father of two"

"Paul guided me powerfully through the Core Values Negotiation process with skill and compassion. As a result, I became aware of what motivates me to bring out my passion about the healing work I do and to appreciate, even during a conflict with a peer, that he too, has a deep motivation. When I can see that, there is much more space created for co-operation between us and honoring of the gifts each of us brings.

   This has provided me with powerful clarity of purpose!"

       Steve Pollock, RPh, C-CST

"I don't know what it is about Paul, but I find that my mind often gets creative when I am talking to him."  MS - musician, woodworker, business owner, world travler

"…. thank you for sharing your business and invaluable program with my wife and I.  I listened and heard many concepts that are valuable to me and everyone.  Your offer for me to participate in this conversation is greatly appreciated."

S.H. certified Life Coach, BS Business Management and MBA,..retired military officer

"After listening to Paul’s presentation at an informal event I realized he was talking about a fundamental underlying truth that required me to re-evaluate my understanding as a facilitator of political and community dialog for over forty years."  PM – life long activist and facilitator 

"I really enjoyed hearing about your Core Values Negotiation …  the best and fastest approach to bring clarity of fundamental points of conflict between two or more people."  G.K

“Paul has thought deeply about how members of the Mankind Project can resolve conflicts.  He organized and help facilitate a meeting to resolve conflicts between two groups of MKP members that was effective." 

Randall Marks Member of Mankind Project since 2005

I welcome pictures, testimonials, public praise and lessons learned.

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