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1 - Workshops – Experience the process in action. Paul offers six 4-hour workshops this year in-person, and additional workshops can be arranged online.

2 - Personal Coaching regarding a specific conflict typically involves:

a) 1-2 hour Initial Consultation for individuals (3-hours for an organization)

b) Coaching to resolve a specific conflict to conclusion. Typically a minimum of three sessions. You may prefer to retain Paul for a period of one month at a flat rate


3 - CVN Training - Learn the process through running multiple personal conflicts through to resolution. Three month contract. Resolution in this case means the process has gone as far as it can go. Remember you cannot "negotiate" with someone who is not intellectually honest (fair and reasonable in the Golden Rule sense) or emotionally authentic (honest in the sense of being willing to admit their motivations). You will experience a shift in the conflict, whether within yourself or between you and others.You will use these skills the rest of your life.

4 - Consulting – Incorporate the CVN process in your working group, network, company, organization, political organization, or community.  The intention of consulting is to change our group norms so that conflict becomes a vehicle for transformation and positive change. 

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