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Resources and Study:

Here are a few of the organizations and resources that I have found useful in my journey and in defining this process. Study these at your own risk and at your own pace.

Sources of material, input and links:

ManKind Project - I've been involved in MKP since 1996.  If you want a basic and continuing education in emotional intelligence, a place to be challenged to grow up as a man, to discover your personal mission and face the parts of yourself you hide, repress and deny (shadow) then this is the place to go.  Of course, not everyone in the organization does this!  These are flawed, aspiring and caring men...just like most of us. 

There is a sister organization to the ManKind Project that does similar work called Woman Within, for women who are interested in taking a look at their lives. Both organizations welcome people of different orientations, beliefs and non-beliefs to explore their inner lives.

Ken Wilber AQALL and Integral Philosophy - For the best 'map' of human consciousness, spirituality, development, history, psychology and philosophy, this is the place to go.  Reality (BIG "Truth") can be tested from four quadrants (I, We, It, Its), history, and an almost infinite array of perspectives and lines of development.  This map has been the most powerful, resiliant and consistently evolving I have ever come across.  Core Values and most of our present conflicts, conversations and personal development can be encompassed in this 'map of maps'.

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History and Common Sense - If you think that the present 'news cycle' is something unique you may have too short a time frame.  Dan's history of humanity and Empire (from Assyrian to WW2) puts our present circumstances in perspective of what is best and worst about us as a species.  AND it's amazingly entertaining if you have the hours (per episode) to spend on it!  Well worth it!

Richard Rohr - Spiritual development from a Christian Persepctive.  The message of Jesus, the Christ, is "love thy neighbor as thyself"...the practice of caring this much is sometimes painful but always revealing.

Hollow Bones and Integral Mondo Zen - From the Rinzai Zen School as brought to the West by wildman and Abbot Jun Po Dennis Kelly, Hollow Bones meditation retreats are a chance to put our egos in perspective and for many to wake up to the reality of Self.


Peace Revolution Podcast- Ongoing 'radical' enlightened conversation I'm just getting started on.  Following my mantra of learning: "If I want to learn about something, listen to those on the outside of the system or on the fringes of the inside....then use your own experience and research to test your new beliefs.

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan - From time to time we need reminders and a perspective on what matters. Use whatever works for you.  The Carl Sagan video called the Pale Blue Dot is an example that may help.​

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