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Key Terms:


I will update (and alphabetize) this list as needed so that those who are learning the Core Values Process can progress at their own pace. 

Avatar - Someone in the larger world (not in your life) who is fighting for the values that matter to you.

Deep Listening - The ability to listen and watch for the deeper value motivating yourself or others.

Collapsed Identity - In conflict when our identities contract around a single core value or role.

Emotional Authenticity - The willingness to be honest about your feelings and underlying beliefs around those feelings.

Gladiator - Someone (in your life) who fights for Core Values that matter to you. They suffer the consequences for and receives benefits of doing this.

Intellectual Honesty - (Think Golden Rule here).  I will not apply consequences or benefits to others that I would not equally apply to myself.

Personal Resolution - Acceptance of the reality of the present situation and the possibilities available.

Scapegoat - The person(s) you allow to suffer the consequences for fighting for the values that matter to you. [ but who you do not defend or support openly]

Sub-personalities - The inner drives that pull you in different directions in trying to follow different core values.

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