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The head, heart, soul, and guts of dialog. Heal relationships and reclaim your full identity through effective negotiation of conflict.

Do you trust that you are here
for a reason?

If you have found this website it may be because you realize that the way you act out and experience conflict with those around you and in your world is not working for you.

To master this process takes practice.  If you accept the challenge, you will develop the ability to listen deeply for the cues that people give you about what matters to them, and most
importantly, to discover what matters most deeply to you.

Hello and welcome


I want you to get results as soon as possible.  Results in the context of Core Values leads to:

  • greater enjoyment of personal relationships

  • faster resolutions of most conflicts

  • mutual leading to dialogue and understanding

  • grounded competition based on respect

  • cultural understanding of our differences

  • establishing of group norms

  • business negotiation skills, and

  • - what the heck! - World peace and harmony for all

  • Lots of laughter!


I mean this in both the humblest and (paradoxically) most boastful sense ... When you learn to negotiate conflict and interpersonal tension from your Core Values you bring the world one step closer to real peace. This is what I was meant to do and I'm glad  your joining me,

I have been working toward this synthesis with men's groups, personal growth, and spiritual circles since 1995.  The process has enriched my own life beyond measure by fostering deep friendships, helping people end hatred, facing and overcoming my own challenges, finding a deeply satisfying marriage and much more.  In that time I have developed the model that I now share with you.


Whether you attend a Meetup event or Zoom call, come to a workshop, hire me to coach you, or introduce this process into your group, company, organization or club, you will become a better listener and communicator.


Take what works.


You will achieve the results you want as long as you are:


  1. Intellectually honest with yourself and others, and

  2. Emotionally authentic to your experience

I am not a therapist. I can teach you to master these skills only if you are willing to stick to these two principles.

Current Blog:

All core human values matter. Listen a bit deeper every day.

What can you expect from this website?


I encourage you to return again and again for new video and written information designed to clarify and deepen your understanding of Core Values Negotiation. I will post news about conflict, negotiation, and mediation, updates in core values negotiation research, information about Integral philosophy, the history of conflict, cultural, racial, and world context, and my personal insights and musings.   

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