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Special Services​


The Core Values builds a foundation of trust more rapidly than any other means.  The process has been applied successfully to jump-start and deepen dialog and collaboration between:

- Trump 'conservatives' and Clinton 'liberals' in less than half an hour. 

-  A mixed-race group of African Americans and 'White' Americans where racial tension was at a boiling point.

- Between a parent and older child.

- Between spouses in the midst of a separation with children.

- Between an individual with mental health challenges and his support group.

- Between Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian advocates.

- Between feminists and men's rights activists.

Simply put, Core Values works with anyone who can commit to the Core Agreements


The possibilities for Core Values Negotiation to affect your company, social group, relationships, circle or affinity group are hard to quantify.  We can discuss this in an initial consultation and design a program that suits your needs. 

Whether your group is large or small or if you want an outside consultant to help resolve a particular problem, change the dialog or become more effective at what you do, Core Values Negotiation can have a profound effect quickly.

Some people may not be ready or want to participate in a dialog. This is not something that can be enforced.  It is simply an invitation that is easy to accept.  Call and see if it fits for your situation.

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