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This is it. The head, heart, soul, and guts of dialog. Heal relationships and reclaim your full identity through effective negotiation of conflict.

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Get results as soon as possible.

When you negotiate from your Core Values honestly and fairly, and you will:

  • strengthen relationships
  • quickly resolve conflicts
  • develop and enhance trust
  • engage in grounded competition
  • achieve respect for self and others
  • navigate cultural and political differences
  • establish group norms
  • negotiate from strength

Consider This:

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My epiphany was really so simple.

Do you trust that you are here for a reason?

If you have found this website it may be because you realize that the way you act out and experience conflict is working against you.

To master this process like any other takes practice.  If you accept the challenge, you can develop the ability to listen deeply for the cues that people give about what matters to them, and most importantly, discover what matters deeply to you.

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What can you expect from this website?


Return often for new material and information designed to clarify and deepen your understanding of Core Values Negotiation. I will post news about conflict, negotiation, and mediation, updates in core values negotiation research, information about Integral philosophy, the history of conflict, cultural, racial, and world context, and my personal insights and musings.

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